Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry (EBEA) president Costas Michalos on Monday said that the latest announcements by the troika heads in Athens "should convince even the last supporters of the economic policy being applied today that the country is following not only a mistaken but also a very dangerous course".

Michalos said that the economic policy is mistaken because "it does not lead to solutions but, instead, to impasses, it does not create hope but the necessity for more sacrifices and new injustices. He also said that the policy is dangerous because it not only increases recession and unemployment, but also widens and accelerates the dis-organisation of the country's productive fabric and distances growth even further, and also because social cohesion is being led to a break, given that the resilience of wide social strata is being depleted and the business community is being decimated.

The EBEA chief blamed the government for this course, noting that it is not only the troika that is responsible for the situation being created, but also those who accept groundless recommendations by parties that have no knowledge of the Greek reality while ignoring grounded proposals by the responsible consultants of the government such as the Chambers, which in fact are being systematically downgraded.

Michalos noted that the EBEA has repeatedly pointed out the mistakes and dangers, and is calling on the government to shoulder its responsibilities and realise that it is the government itself that should govern.