Federation of Hellenic Enterprises (SEV) President Dimitris Daskalopoulos spoke on Monday evening of “demagogues of the balcony and the sidewalk who are facilitating those who are betting on our country’s bankruptcy so that they can buy it out at a disgraceful price."

Daskalopoulos warned that the country "is on a razor’s edge" and proposed resistance “to those resisting the necessary changes with the Memorandum as an alibi.”

The SEV leader also said “the rage of all those who are pretending to be struggling to...liberate the homeland from supposed foreign occupation is not convincing. Their selfishness and hypocrisy is fathomless. As if it depends on the ‘foreigners’ whether we shall stand on our feet or we shall go bankrupt. The problems are ours, and the responsibility of handling them is also ours. Neither the EU, nor the IMF, nor anyone will save us, ultimately, against our will.”