More than 1,500 enterprises in the manufacturing and services sectors have relocated to neighbouring countries, a report by the National Confederation of Hellenic Commerce (ESEE) said on Tuesday.

ESEE stressed that this trend will cause a "profuse bleeding" in the Greek market, with less revenue for the economy as businessmen were not expected to repatriate their profits since they would be obliged to pay an additional 5.0 pct tax.

The report said that seven in 10 enterprises were facing serious liquidity problems, five in 10 have manageable problems, two in 10 have closed down, while a large number of businessmen were considering relocation instead of terminating their operations.

"Unfortunately, small and large enterprises, profitable or not, instead of investing in the country are relocating elsewhere to avoid bankruptcy, while an austerity policy implemented in the country was not only facilitating the creation of a favourable climate but essentially was leading the Greek economy and society to deterioration," ESEE said.

The Confederation noted that the country has suffered 82,500 less workers, 45,000 less employers, with 200,000 households -or 10 pct of total- have no income.

The crisis is severely hitting small- and medium-sized enterprises in the commerce sector, particularly self-employed, ESEE said, adding that the sector needed a "healthy and strong state to support market forces".