Infrastructure, Transport and Networks Minister Dimitris Reppas on Tuesday tabled modifications to a draft bill for public transport reforms that will make non-payment of fares a minor offence that does not carry a jail sentence.

The minister finally agreed to proposals made by main opposition New Democracy and Popular Orthodox Rally (LAOS) MPs, urging him to tone down an earlier harsher rule that made dodging the 1.4-euro ticket a misdemeanour.

As a minor offence, non-payment of tickets on Athens public transport will be punished by detention or a fine, while it will be prosecuted if a complaint is filed.

The minister also reworded an article in order to clarify that all companies in the Athens Public Transport Organisation OASA will be governed by the same rules as the public sector and state-sector agencies in terms of assignments and partnerships for use of their state-owned property.

Discussion on the draft bill is continuing and will be completed late on Tuesday night with a vote on the articles.