A pilot program under which commuters may transport their bicycles in the Athens Metro trains begins on March 1.

More specifically, just two bicycles will be allowed in the last train cabin on Wednesday's from 6:00 p.m. to the end of the metro service, and on Sunday's from 12:00 noon to the end of the service.

The duration of the pilot program is four months.

At the end of June the functionality of the measure will be examined.

"The action will be safeguarded, advertised and promoted by the bicycle commuters themselves. I believe it will be good for everyone in order to encourage commuting by bicycle and to enhance the joy of commuting by Metro," deputy infrastructures minister Spyros Vougias said, stressing that the government is interested in combined transports.

He expressed certainty that the pilot program will go well, adding that it may be extended to more off-peak hours and days.