The deputy Health ministers of Germany and Greece, Stefan Kapferer and Mihalis Timosidis, on Wednesday signed a Joint Intentions Declaration on the intensification of cooperation between the Health ministries of Greece and Germany.

The Intentions Declaration concerns issues related to medical foundation administration, the procurement of hospital material, the pricing of medicines, the checking and prevention of illnesses, emergency medicine and cooperation on oncology issues.

Kapferer, who is in Greece as of Wedesday at the invitation of his counterpart Timosidis, will visit the city of Ioannina on Thursday. During his visit, an Action Programme will be signed between the hospitals of Ioannina and Marburg.

The Intentions Declaration also includes individual issues concerning the exchange of experience regarding the organising of the Public Health system, epidemic supervision, with an exchange of information and training on antimicrobe resilience and intrahospital infection issues.