Communist Party of Greece (KKE) Secretary General Aleka Papariga, in a statement on Wednesday referring to the issue of public property, appealed to the people "to do their own duty" because "they must not lose time at all and search to find the differences between the sale and the sellout, the selling off and the 'utilisation', the deficits and the debt."

She added that the aim of the people must be labour and popular power, only with such an aim can (the people) obstruct things from getting even worse.

In another development, Papariga met on Wednesday with the union of Agricultural Bank of Greece (ATE) employees, and expressed her radical opposition to every form of the bank's privatisation.

The KKE leader said that privatisation of ATE also means that all the mortgaged agricultural land will pass into the hands of even stronger monopolistic groups, lead to the privatisation of cooperative organisations and "from this point of view we stand negatively before this development."