Foreign Minister Dimitris Droutsas, speaking to the Bloomberg television network during his visit to London on Wednesday, referred to the role that Greece and Europe can play regarding the Middle East's transition to democracy, as well as the problem of illegal immigrants that Greece is facing due to its geographical position.

Droutsas said Greece has a unique position in the region and maintains longstanding traditional bonds of mutual understanding and respect with the Arab world.

On the question of Europe's role, he said that at both political and economic level it is important and that the EU's relations with the Middle East must be strengthened.

Lastly, concerning the problem of illegal immigration, he stressed that over 90 percent of illegal immigrants come to Europe through Greece, through the Greek-Turkish borders and underlined that it is not a Greek problem alone but a European one as well.

"We are seeing the recent developments in Italy. Consequently, we must show solidarity at European level," he concluded.