President of the Republic Karolos Papoulias will honour in the city of Ioannina as of Saturday the three-day celebrations marking the 98th anniversary of the city's liberation. According to the programme, on Saturday he will be attending an event at the Memorial of the "Tseritsani Women Fighters" in the municipal area of Platania of the municipality of Dodoni.

On Sunday afternoon, he will be attending an event at the municipality's cultural centre and will inaugurate an archives material exhibition. The exhibition's theme will be:"Organi-sational administrative structures of the Epirus area after 1913." Immediately afterwards, the municipality will be hosting an official dinner in his honour at a hotel in the city.

On Monday, President Papoulias will attend the official religious service at the Agios Athanasios Cathedral, visit the headquarters of the 8th Division and lay a wreath at the Memorial of the Bizani Fighters.