Greek Deputy Foreign Minister Spyros Kouvelis, inaugurating the sessions of the Greek-Hungarian Business Forum in Budapest, where he is paying a two-day visit accompanied by a group of Greek businessmen, stressed the need for strengthening bilateral cooperation between Greece and Hungary at all levels, based on historic, political and cultural ties, apart from all that has been done so far.

Kouvelis, who held consecutive meetings on Thursday with his Hungarian counterpart Janos Hovari, Deputy Foreign Trade Minister Zsolt Becsey and Deputy Energy and Climatic Change Minister Janos Bencsik, stressed in his inaugural speech his conviction that considerable steps can be made in bilateral economic cooperation with the support of the active Greek community and the businessmen who are in Hungary.

As he said, the holding of commercial exhibitions and the exchange of targeted business missions can provide speedy results and he hopes that the participation of Hungarian businesses in last year's Thessaloniki International Fair, where Hungary was the theme country, helped the strengthening of relations and the building of new ones between the two business communities, as well as the extension of cooperations already existing.

The Greek deputy minister hailed the presence in the Forum in Budapest of a series of Greek companies that cover a wide spectrum of activities, renewable energy, constructions that are environmentally friendly, software systems, pharmaceutical products, foodstuffs, beverages, paper and marble.