Prime Minister George Papandreou on Thursday sent a message of hope from the northern Aegean island of Samothraki that Greece "will break the bonds of misery and enter the path of growth and progress."

Speaking during a meeting with production and local agencies, Papandreou stressed that the government and all the Greek citizens "turned their backs on a destructive wave that would sweep through the country and send it to the verge of bankruptcy and succeeded in keeping it upright with hard and systematic work."

The prime minister underlined that the government is working systematically against phenomena of pathogenies lasting for many years.

"The target of all of us is to create a strong Greece that will not need any memorandum, troika support packages and loan forces in the future," he said.

Papandreou further said the citizen must feel strong and that "it is imperative that we create a viable economy, where there shall be an equal distribution of wealth. We want to correct negativity, what has led us to this difficult situation. We want to create a society of justice and security for all citizens."

Addressing the island's production and local agencies, as well as the members of the municipal council, the prime minister made special reference to the island's growth, saying that it constitutes a model of green and sustainable growth.

Samothraki, he added, can promote the comparative advantages, combined with its rich tradition and excellent local products.

PM Papandreou makes announcement on development of Samothraki

Prime Minister George Papandreou, addressing local and production agencies of the island of Samothraki on Thursday, announced a series of development projects aimed at boosting and strengthening the local economy of Samothraki.

Papandreou announced the starting of work to build the fishing refuge in 2011, the upgrading of the island's port infrastructures, the improvement of medical services provided by the Health Centre, the establishment of a telemedicine unit and the shaping of the castle at Hora.

The prime minister emphasised that agencies and the state must jointly shape the island's qualitative characteristics, aiming at the improvement of the quality of life of local inhabitants and visitors.

He also termed Samothraki a model of green and sustainable growth that can utilise in the best possible way its rich natural environment and renewable energy sources, such as geothermia, that exists on the island.