“It’s time for us to leave everything behind, after all that it has been said during the past few days,” Prime Minister George Papandreou stressed on Thursday, addressing a Cabinet meeting.

Papandreou referred to pervasive pessimism by political forces, individuals and "well-paid commentators", "who fiercely bombarded the people on an every day basis".

“They are not coming from abroad but from inside the country. They are those who lay comfortably on vested rights and resist all changes. Thankfully, this peculiar and odd alliance of powers has not been vindicated,” he stressed.

He again criticized the troika (IMF-ECB-EU) representatives stressing that they crossed the line and misinterpreted their role. “This steels our will to make Greece strong enough to stand on its own feet as soon as possible without needing any more loans,” he said.

He stated that the memorandum expires in the spring of 2013 but the timetable set until 2015 is the government’s will. “The government has the intention to negotiate, to brief and, in the end, to decide on the issue of the public property,” he said, characterizing as indicative the 50-billion-euro target. He repeated that this is the government’s will and not an obligation related with the troika.

The premier characterised ND's stance on the issue as hypocritical, and addressing his government’s ministers, he stressed that pubic property will have to be registered, clarifying that its sell-off is out of the question. He repeated that the transfer of public property will be banned to prevent repetition of Vatopedi-type reasoning.

He also called on the political parties to state if they support the specific proposal and stop hiding or be hypocritical.