An armed man injured two Pakistanis on Friday morning in Athens’ working class Peristeri district, while a Bangladeshi national was injured on Kifissos Avenue earlier in a clash between Third World migrant street peddlers

In the Peristeri incident, an unidentified man armed with a pistol attacked the two foreign nationals,  shooting one in the leg and pistol-whipping the other one before fleeing atop a motorbike, eyewitnesses said. Both victims are hospitalised. Police attributed the incident to personal differences.

Earlier, the Bangladeshi was brutally beaten by a group of foreign nationals, reportedly Pakistanis, on Kifissos Avenue and was rushed to a hospital.

According to a police investigation, the man was apparently a “turf war” victim and was attacked when he attempted to sell goods to motorists stopped at a traffic light in an area controlled by Pakistani illegal immigrants.