Members of the 'I won't pay' movement on Sunday organised a symbolic occupation of toll posts in Greece between the hours of 2:00-6:00 p.m. - including road tolls on the busy Attiki Odos highway to the airport - to protest against road toll hikes and unfair practices by toll concessionaires.

The planned protests are outlined at the movement's site and stress that Sunday's action is a message against the government's efforts to criminalise the refusal to pay.

Protest in Thessaloniki against bus ticket hikes

Dozens of cyclists and pedestrians, members of the "Thessaloniki Passengers" movement, defied rainy weather and organised a protest rally in the northern city of Thessaloniki on Saturday, protesting what they call an exorbitant increase in ticket prices of the Thessaloniki Urban Transport Organisation (OASTH).

"Government and OASTH, take back the tax," "free transport, free education" wrote banners held by the protesters.

The rally began at the statue of Eleftherios Venizelos and reached the New Town Hall in Thessaloniki, where hundreds of pedestrians were waiting for the cyclists.