Main opposition New Democracy party leader Antonis Samaras, addressing the 3rd session of the party's Political Committee on Saturday, sharply criticised the government over the issue of real estate utilisation.

"The government has entered a state of semidissolution and semiparalysis," Samaras said, adding "it is not merely certain arythmias in government work, it is a question of massed and consecutive cases of confusion and palinodes."

Referering to all that has followed the press conference by the troika, he spoke of a drama with denunciations by the government spokesman, denials by the Finance minister, denials by the prime minister himself and denials of the prime minister's denials.

He also mentioned as being indicative of the "government's confusion" the circular on semioutdoor premises that was withdrawn before circulating, the public disagreements on the tax bill and the role of the economic crime prosecutor, as well as the disagreements between the Environment minister and the Infrastructures minister.

Samaras further said that while the government is presenting a picture of dissolution, ND has a plan and added "every day we are signing a contract of dignity with the Greek people."

The ND leader referred to his proposal since last July on the utilisation of real estate. "We said last year that the memorandum is not succeeding, and also that the memorandum is not stopping but is strengthening and refuelling the momentum of the deficits and of the debt," he stressed and concluded by saying "we had been criticised at the time while now they are agreeing with us. When PASOK had requested consensus in reality it had wanted complicity."


Government spokesman on ND leader's Political Committee address

Government spokesman George Petalotis, commenting on the address by main opposition New Democracy party leader Antonis Samaras at his party's Political Committee meeting, said "a dignity accord with the people is required, but not by the country, however, but by ND itself, because elementary dignity necessitates one telling the truth. Something, however, that proves to be extremely difficult for ND, since it is continuing to exhaust its speeches and actions on self-admiration and entrenchment in its political autism."

Petalotis further said that "Mr. Samaras in his address today as well, repeated once again the now known recipe of his nonexistent political proposal:'ND has said everything, it had warned in time about everything, but the governmet did not listen to them'," while stressing that "what is worse, of course, for ND and Mr. Samaras is that, as it is being proved, they are not even following developments and what is taking place in the country."

ND leader Samaras gives interview to 'Imerisia' newspaper

Main opposition New Democracy party leader Antonis Samaras, in an interview with the newspaper "Imerisia", rules out the sale of public property and insists that the government must proceed with its utilisation.

Samaras reiterated that soon he will be presenting his updated plan on an exit from the crisis and added that his proposal on the utilisation of the public sector's real estate is compatible with measures to boost growth, and indeed at no cost, as well as a decrease in tax rates.

The ND leader further said that Greece must become more competitive to enable convergence with other economies and stressed that ND is prepared in the event that Prime Minister George Papandreou decides to lead the country to early elections.

"Early elections are up to the prime minister to decide. In any case, we are prepared," Samaras said.