Building activity dropped 31.4 pct in November 2010 for a decline of 25.3 pct in the January-November period, the Hellenic Statistical Authority announced on Monday.

The statistical service, in a report, said shrinking activity in the sector was negatively affecting the country’s GDP and contributing to rising unemployment. Private building activity totaled 3,735 building permits in November 2010, down 21.6 pct compared with the same month in 2009, while volume was down 31.4 pct over the same period.

Epirus (79.2 pct), Central Macedonia (49 pct) and Eastern Macedonia-Thrace (46.3 pct) suffered the biggest percentage declines of the month.

Building activity fell 12.2 pct in permits in the January-November period and by 25.3 pct in volume, with Attica (32.8 pct), Epirus (32.2 pct) and Central Greece (29.9 pct) suffering the biggest percentage declines in the 11-month period.

Building materials’ cost grew 3.9 pct in January 2011, compared with the same month last year, reflecting a 35.5 pct jump in diesel prices. The building materials’ cost index was up 0.6 pct in January from December.