President of the Republic Karolos Papoulias on Monday expressed optimism that the country will exit the economic crisis speaking in Ioannina, northwest Greece, after the student and military parade held within the framework of the celebrations marking the 98th anniversary of the city’s liberation from the Ottoman rule.

Papoulias likened the current situation the country is experiencing with the “nightmare” of the Ottoman rule and urged the Greek people to display “the same boldness, courage and patriotism with our ancestors”. He also called on the people “not to lose hope”, stressing that “fighters never lose their hope”.

“Certain things need to be fixed. Those who are weaker than others will have to be assisted but in the end, I am certain that we will be winners,” he said.

Earlier, President Papoulias attended a doxology at Saint Athanasios Cathedral and laid a wreath at the monument built in memory of those who fell in the Battle of Bizani (south of Ioannina) in February 1913. The battle was decisive in the liberation of the entire northwest province of Epirus.