Greece has the second highest prices in unleaded petrol and diesel oil in Europe in February, with the average prices for both products remaining unchanged, compared with January, to 1.593 euros per litre and 1.391 euros per litre, respectively, the Greek automobile touring club (EL.PA) said on Tuesday.

In a report, EL.PA said Greece trailed the Netherlands (1.657) in second place, with Belgium (1.559), Portugal (1.511), Finland (1.489), France (1.483), Italy (1.472) and Germany (1.476) recording the highest average prices for unleaded petrol. Byelorussia (0.783), Luxembourg (1.253), Spain (1.28) and Austria (1.296) recorded the lowest prices.

In diesel oil prices, Greece also ranked second behind Ireland (1.399), and was followed by Belgium (1.386), Portugal (1.369) and Germany (1.354), while Byelorussia (0.624), Andorra (1.032) and Luxembourg (1.148) recorded the lowest prices in Europe.