Communist Party of Greece (KKE) Secretary General Aleka Papariga, referring on Tuesday to the issue of the failed merger between Alpha Bank and the National Bank, said "it is a law of the capitalist system, not only in a period of crisis, but also without there being a crisis, for the concenration of the forces of capital to take place."

Papariga, who carried out a visit to Alpha Bank, said "merger is a law of the capitalist system, it also has inside it the element of destruction, the aggravation and the worsening of the position of a very large part of the workers and employees and of a considerable part, a large part of the small and medium-size enterprises. Both go together. For as long as wealth is accumulated in fewer hands, the problems will be intensified."

She went on to say "I am saying this because we are hearing these days that if the National Bank merges with Alpha Bank this is very good for the national economy. It is good for the national economy of the capitalists. It will not mean anything positive and good for working people."