Alternate Education, Lifelong Learning and Religion Minister Fofi Yennimata appealed to expatriates, particularly the agencies and persons caring for Greek-language education overseas, for participating in the dialogue on the "big changes" taking place in the sector of education.

Speaking on Tuesday morning (Greek time) at an open gathering held at the Cretan Home in Astoria, Yennimata said "there is political will and determination," stressing that "if we work collectively, we shall be able to reach a draft law for the next fifteen to twenty years."

The minister, who gave a press conference to the expatriate media at Greece's Press and Communication office in New York earlier, referred at length and replied to many questions on the 10-point text of principles prepared by the Ministry and concerning the Greek-language education of overseas Greeks.

She called on expatriates to take part in the dialogue by March 11, pointing out that the aim is for the draft law to be tabled in Parliament in May, while a transitional stage will also be anticipated, in accordance with the proposals that the education coordinators and expatriate agencies will be sending as well.