Main opposition New Democracy (ND) on Tuesday accused the government of a "total impasse" in its "Memorandum policy", which ND said has been confirmed by the prime minister's need to hold deliberations abroad ahead of a crucial EU summit.

ND press spokesman Yiannis Michelakis said during a regular press briefing that ND has consistently and clearly maintained the need for an overall European solution, adding that moves are necessary that will enable Greece to face its state debt problem without additional painful measures.

ND, he said, considers extension of the support loan's repayment period "self-evident", adding that this was imposed also by reasons of equal treatment with Ireland.

Michelakis warned the government to not attempt any 'communications fireworks', given that the extension of the repayment period has already been decided at the November 28 Eurogroup meeting.

He further noted that ND leader Antonis Samaras has formally taken a stance in favor of the issue of a euro-bond, and has also called for a reduction of the interest rate.