The greater Asopos River region has been characterized as vulnerable by a supplementary Joint Ministerial Decision to be published soon in the Government Gazette.

The new decision supplements an earlier one (Decision No. 19652/1906/1999) to protect more effectively the aquatic environment at the Asopos River drainage basin. The region is characterized as vulnerable to pollution by nitrates due to agricultural activities.
The studies conducted by Athens water company EYDAP to ensure that the region’s population will be supplied with clean tap water will be completed by the end of the year, while tenders will be issued for the necessary projects, a statement by the ministry of environment, energy and climate change underlined on Wednesday.

The ministry is also considering the establishment of a special inspectors’ office at Oinofyta, the site of an informal industrial zone in the greater Asopos River region.

Asopos River is a small but significant water course some 60 km north of Athens.