The civil servants’ umbrella federation ADEDY warned that the government will launch “new attacks and cuts targeting labour, collective and social rights”, in a statement issued on Wednesday in response to the "setting that is being created" using as a vehicle “the size of the deficit” and the “vagueness of statements recently made by the government spokesman”.


ADEDY accused the government of “implementing an anti-labour and anti-popular policy which is being escalated to extremes” through “threats of layoffs in the public sector and the lack of a clear denial on behalf of the government, which cannot ignore that such a move will be a blunt and direct violation of the Constitution.” The statement also referred to “the layoffs of contract workers, the first victims of the Memorandum,” and to “the unprecedented, in the post WWII period, reduction of incomes and upsets of social insurance rights.”

ADEDY underlined that “the workers united and in massive numbers will respond immediately with mobilizations within the next 15 days” and called on the government “to clarify its position and intentions in a direct and categorical manner. In a different case, it (the government) will be responsible for the mass production of similar scenarios and will be judged by salary earners, pensions, the young and the jobless and each and every citizen.”