The theme of a session of the Manchester Business School of the University of Manchester, held on Wednesday afternoon at the "Esperidas" hall of the Hilton with the Alpha Bank as the joint organiser, focused on "How the global economic crisis is changing the Greek economy."


Among the main speakers was Deputy Finance Minister Filippos Sahinidis who said in his address that "the Greek problem is also of a productive model. Greece did not wish to determine what its role is in the global distribution of labour."

Sahinidis also referred to the markets, stressing that "since 2001 the markets did not evaluate risks correctly. They allowed countries to borrow cheaply. I remind you that during the drachma era as soon as the deficit emerged at 7-8 percent the markets profiteered. Then, the governments took immediate measures."

The event was attended by senior banking officials and a large number of businessmen.