The main opposition New Democracy (ND) party on Thursday referred to the previous day's 24-hour nationwide strike, stressing that “the large size of the protest rally held was the result of the desperation of the people that see no hope and progress that would lead to economic growth.”

ND spokesman Yiannis Mihelakis on Thursday condemned the violence regardless of where it comes from, pointing out that the people “detest extreme and irresponsible actions.”

Commenting on the results of the contacts Prime Minister George Papandreou had abroad, Mihelakis stated that they were “a total failure”, adding that “the premier returned from Germany empty-handed”. He also said that the government should not attempt presenting the extension of the repayment period for the Greek loans as a success, stressing that it was pre-decided by the Eurogroup.

Referring to scenarios on snap elections, he accused the government of being behind them.
The ND spokesman stressed that “if the government chooses to proceed with snap elections it will mean that it was trapped in the dead ends of its own policy”, that “they have failed and want to flee”.

ND also accused part of the domestic media of siding with the government. Mihelakis stressed that “the injustice done to ND is a provocation”, adding that “the media atmosphere for the main opposition party is hostile”.
Referring to the efforts for the repatriation of Greeks from the strife-torn Libya, Mihelakis accused the government of lacking coordination in a serious matter that concerns human lives.