The head of the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Constantinos Mihalos, on Wednesday urged the government to accept the chamber's proposals aimed at helping in the recovery of the economy and boosting business activity in the country.


Speaking to reporters, Mihalos said the need for accepting these 10 proposals was more significant now ahead of a revision of the country's fiscal deficit and public debt. Mihalos said a revision of the country's statistics to the worse has been discounted, while he noted that Greece offered huge counter-incentives to attracting new enterprises. A recent survey by EBEA showed that almost nine out of 10 enterprises thought that the current tax policy was burdening their financial performance, while more than eight in 10 faced a decline in turnover, two in 10 were examining plans to relocate in foreign countries and one in two was examining the termination of their operations if financial performance did not improve within next year.

EBEA's proposals included: cutting tax levels for enterprises, cutbacks of state spending but not of the Public Investment Program and the implementation of a Fourth Community Support Framework program. Other proposals include an immediate promotion of specific development projects and policies, such as development of a fiber optic network, development of a state real estate property in Hellinikon, exploiting regional airports and ports, building theme parks and sports facilities, etc. Action was also needed towards a radical reform of the public sector, deregulating closed markets and professions and creating terms of equal competition between state and private sector enterprises, along with a restructuring of all loss-making public sector enterprises and actions to deal with liquidity problems in the domestic market.