The opposition Popular Orthodox Rally (LA.O.S)-backed Piraeus mayoral candidate Petros Mantouvalos (a former ND MP), on Wednesday called on those who voted for him in last Sunday’s first round of local government elections to support the main opposition New Democracy (ND)-backed candidates.


Mantouvalos, who did not garner enough votes to be eligible to run in next Sunday’s second round of local government elections, expressed support to ND-backed candidate Vassilis Michaloliakos who will run against ruling PASOK-backed Yiannis Michas for the municipality of Piraeus.

Mantouvalos also expressed support to the ND-backed candidate for Attiki Regional Governor Vassilis Kikilias who will face PASOK-backed candidate Yiannis Sgouros.

Meanwhile, the opposition Coalition of the Left (SYN) Political Secretariat decided by a majority vote to urge its supporters to “decide on their stance in the second round of the local government elections at will”, adding that “this stance meets the needs of society and reflects the party’s political strategy.”

However, this stance was rejected by the party’s leftist wing which was in favour of voting down all candidates supported by the two major political parties, ruling PASOK and main opposition New Democracy (ND).