Two Belgian women have been charged with industrial espionage based on complaints by a firm based in Attica, the Greek police electronic crime unit revealed on Friday. The two women, aged 60 and 48 years old, respectively, are accused of breaking into the company's computer systems and stealing data concerning its clients and activities.

The 60-year-old was a former employee of the company, which generated codes for the products of other firms, and is accused of illegally keeping possession of the data on its computers (software packages, programmes, data base, client lists etc) and passing them along to her 48-year-old accomplice in order to steal the company's clients.

Acting on a complaint filed by the company, police officers with the electronic crime squad raided the home of the younger Belgian woman and found a large number of files relating to the company filing the complaint stored in her laptop, including the client database and files of codes.

They also confiscated an external storage device and a laptop as evidence, sending them to the police forensics laboratory for analysis.

The two women have been charged with illegally breaking into computer systems and violating laws on personal data.