Greek Deputy Culture and Tourism Minister George Nikitiadis received positive and optimistic messages on increasing trends in this year's tourist movement from Austria to Greece, during his contacts on Thursday evening with administrative officials of 240 Austrian travel agencies at an event on the promotion of tourism in Rhodes on a river boat on the Danube in Vienna.

Speaking to the ANA-MPA in Vienna, Nikitiadis said that not only from Austria but from everywhere he is receiving messages that this year there shall be a very considerable increase in Greek tourism aith a considerable increase in revenues, which had presented a decrease of about 6 percent last year compared to 2009, while he believes that this year, with the very good work that is being done, last year's dfifference will be covered and there shall be an additional "plus."

Her further stressed that Greece does not expect anything special from the crises in the Middle East region because, as he said, no crisis in the neighbourhood can ever be a good sign, "on the contrary we want peace in the region, we want there to be no problems and imbalances, we want the market to function smoothly, the tourist pie is very big all over the world, it is getting bigger continuously."