Greece on Sunday welcomed the UN Security Council decision that "proves the international community’s volition for an immediate end to the violence in Libya and a peaceful solution of the problems, with the aim of satisfying the just demands of its people".

Foreign minister Dimitris Droutsas, in a statement, reiterated Greece's absolute condemnation of the actions of the regime in Libya, as expressed by prime minister George Papandreou in Berlin, and called on the Libyan regime to immediately halt the use of violence.

Greece, he said, also expresses its support to the people of Libya and, in cooperation with its EU partners, will continue to work towards facing the situation.

Droutsas further stressed that Europe has an obligation to continue taking decisive measures aimed at the immediate termination of the violence.

Security Council Resolution 1970, which was unanimously adopted on Saturday, imposes a ban on the sale of materiele (military supplies) to Libya, a freeze on the assets of the Ghaddafi regime, and prohibition of Ghaddafi, his family and the regime from traveling abroad.

At the same time, the Security Council also calls on the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate the violence suppression measures so as to ascertain whether crimes against humanity have been committed.