Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao has addressed a letter of appreciation to Greek Prime Minister to thank Athens for its contribution over the past week to the massive evacuation of several thousand Chinese nationals from strife-plagued Libya.

Wen Jiabao cites the “deep and sincere appreciation of the Chinese people” towards the Greek PM, the Greek government, local administrations as well as to the people of Crete and all Greece.

Several thousand Chinese citizens have been evacuated to Crete from Libya aboard Greek-flagged ferry boats this past week. Most are hosted in local hotels and resorts on the popular holiday isle before taking direct charter flights back to China.

Additionally, Wen referred to the “friendly feelings towards the Chinese people and the spirit of mutual assistance demonstrated (by the Greek people) during particularly difficult times”.

Beijing said some 30,000 PRC nationals lived and worked in Libya before the recent turmoil began.

Finally, China’s premier cited expressed his hope over Papandreou’s “significant support” and as well as that of the Greek government, while the same time calling for a meeting with the Greek prime minister in the near future