Democratic Left MP Maria Repousi, who last week stirred controversy by arguing that religious studies should not be taught in schools, walked into another row on Wednesday by arguing that Ancient Greek should not be compulsory and the texts studied by pupils should be translated into Modern Greek.

Repousi said this would make Ancient Greek, currently compulsory up to senior high school, more accessible to students. Her comments provoked the anger of Bishop Anthimos of Thessaloniki. “Next she will tell us that we have to knock down the Acropolis so we can have a better view of Faliro,” he said.

The lawmaker’s views also received scant support from her own party. “I learned more because I was taught Ancient Greek,” said Democratic Left MP Spyros Likoudis, who acknowledged that students’ interest in the subject is waning.

Fellow deputy Katerina Markou suggested that Repousi was simply trying to draw attention to herself.