Popular Orthodox Rally (LAOS) party leader George Karatzaferis strongly criticised the government and the prime minister on Monday over the repercussions and impact of the Memorandum for EU-IMF loans.

Speaking to the radio station Real FM, Karatzaferis also strenuously denied rumours that he was in secret talks with main opposition New Democracy about possible cooperation at the next elections. According to the rumours, LAOS may not run independently but form an alliance with ND.

On whether such an alliance was possible, he said that it would depend on the timing of the elections and the conditions prevailing at that time. He forecast that the prime minister might well call elections before March 25 so that he might return from the EU with a "successful" outcome in terms of his goals and thus win.

Defending his own initial support for the Memorandum, meanwhile, Karatzaferis said that the failure was not that of the Memorandum but of the prime minister.