The European Commission's delegation in Athens organised an event at the Acropolis Museum on the 30 year's of Greece's European course, with commissioner Maria Damanaki, Alternate Foreign Minister Mariliza Xenoyiannakopoulou and European Parliament vice president, Eurodeputy Stelios Lambrinidis.

The Greek commissioner stressed in her address that for Greece "it is not permissible for it to live beyond its forces," adding that "when this truth becomes a personal truth of each of us, then we shall have won the game."

Eurodeputy Lambrinidis (PASOK) said that "the entire EU lived above its possibilities," since "we used to consume more than we could, while other countries sold more than they used to."

Xenoyiannakopoulou stressed on her part that the EU's crucial impending decision "must be an overall one, provide stability to the eurozone, adequacy of resources and flexibility in markets."