All registered Greek nationals in Libya, roughly 270, as well as, many EU and third country nationals, have been transported to safety following a successful rescue operation organized by the Crisis Management Unit of the Greek foreign ministry.

Speaking to a private radio station in Athens, opera-tion coordinator Deputy Foreign Minister Dimitris Dollis on Monday underlined Greece’s sucessful handling of the crisis and its assistance to other countries in getting their own nationals out, especially China.

Three Hellenic Air Force transport aircraft and privately-owned ferryboats provided by Greek shipping companies participated in the rescue opera-tion that unfolded in five key Libyan cities, Tripoli, Sirte, Sabha, Benghazi and Gialo.

Cooperation with the German foreign ministry was close in the last phase of the operation when two German transport aircraft carried foreign workers, among them Greeks and Cypriots, from a company construction site in Gialo.

Dollis also referred to the transport of thousands of Chinese nationals from the strife-torn Libya to the southern Aegean island of Crete, underlining that the Chinese premier has expressed his gratitude to Prime Minister George Papandreou.