The mother of murdered Pavlos Fyssas has claimed that there were 12 police officers, members of the DIAS motorcycle-riding squad, present when her son was murdered by Golden Dawn member on Tuesday night.

Speaking by phone on Skai TV, she said that Fyssas’s girlfriend had run to the policemen nearby when the group of friends the 34-year-old rapper was with were chased by a gang of about 50 Golden Dawn supporters.

According to Fyssas’s mother, the DIAS officers refused to intervene.

The police insists that its officers arrived at the scene after Fyssas had been stabbed.

The victim’s mother also claimed that a witness filmed the incident on a mobile phone and had given the video to police.

She also attacked the media for helping bring Golden Dawn into Parliament and insisted she did not want her son to be labelled since he was a “free spirit”.

She said that anyone who wanted to know about him should listen to his music.