Shipyard workers in the port city of Piraeus and other parts of Attica will be holding a rally at a central square in the Piraeus district of Nikaia on Saturday to protest the murder on Tuesday in nearby Keratsini of 34-year-old musician Pavlos Fyssas by 45-year-old Giorgos Roupakias, who is alleged to have confessed to the murder and said that he is a supporter of far-right party Golden Dawn.

Saturday's protest is scheduled to coincide with a food handout organized by Golden Dawn at another public square in Nikaia, with shipyard workers' unions saying on Friday that they plan to block the event.

"We want no food or water from the hands of Golden Dawn," their announcement said.

Tuesday's killing has sparked anti-fascism protests across the country, with several turning violent and targeting Golden Dawn offices.

Fyssas, a popular hip-hop artist, is said to have occasionally worked at Piraeus's shipyards as a means of supplementing his income.