Culture and Tourism Minister Pavlos Geroulanos concluded his two-day visit to London on Tuesday and his aim was to promote, in the traditional and important British market for Greece, the new forms of tourism that the Greek tourist product is offering now and in the framework of the new government measures to facilitate Greek tourism.

Geroulanos held meetings with the most important British travel agents, with the agencies of internet trip promotion centres, with companies for the change of the image of the country that is being shaped.

The minister stressed that the specific moment is considered extremely important since interest in the summer vacations is being shaped now in the big markets, initial bookings are being made and relevant travel packages are being promoted.

"The climate is already positive, with an increase in initial bookings. However, the aim is for these possibilities to be probed both in the traditional markets, such as Britain and Germany, that presented a small decline last year, and mainly in the big emerging markets," he added.