Citizen's Protection Minister Christos Papoutsis, commenting here on Tuesday on the shooting of policemen in the region of Renti, termed the bloody incident a tragic case.

The minister is in constant contact with the Deputy Citizen's Protection Minister and security authorities in Athens while in statements to the ANA-MPA said that an investigation is being carried out to ascertain whether it is a terrorist attack or organised crime.

"What is important is the life of people," the minister said, adding that he is "shocked because some have chosen to follow the circle of blood."

Papoutsis attended a dinner with his Turkish counterpart Besir Acalay with whom he will be having a meeting in the Turkish capital on Wednesday.

In a statement to Greek reporters, the Turkish minister expressed his regret over the incident in Athens.

In a related development, main opposition New Democracy party Citizen's Protection Political Responsibility chief Thanassis Nakos said in Athens that "the cowardly killing of a policeman and the serious wounding of another three, at a time when they were carrying out their duty, guarding the security of our fellow countrymen, causes shock and abhorrence."

He added that "although the time is not suitable to attribute responsibilities, today's tragic event maybe should awaken the government, which with the cointinuous degradation of the functioning and the operational capacity of the Greek Police, that has made criminal elements of all kinds audacious, is jeopardising the lives of Greek policemen and is placing at risk the paramount commodity of the citizens' security."

Citizen's Protection minister returning to Athens from Ankara

Citizen's Protection Minister Christos Papoutsis is returning to Athens urgently due to the bloody incident that cost the lives of two policemen of the DIAS service in the region of Renti.

The Greek minister was to be accompanied to the airport by Turkish Interior Minister Besir Atalay who, when informed of the incident in Athens, proposed to the Greek minister that the Turkish government provide an aircraft in the event that he wished to leave for Greece.