A seminar on the theme of "Political unrest, economic uncertainty and security in the Mediterranean" is being organised at a hotel in Vouliagmeni on Tuesday and Wed-nesday by the Special Group for the Mediterranean and the Middle East of NATO's Parliamentary Assembly in cooperation with the Greek Parliamentary Delegation.

Foreign Minister Dimitris Droutsas referred during his address on the issue of "Greece's view on political instability in the region of the Southern Mediterranean and its consequences in Europe" to the great challenges of the times as well as to Greece's role, underlining in parallel the need for economic and humanitarian aid to Libya and the countries of North Africa.

Droutsas spoke of a Marshall-type European plan that will constitute in essence an investment for the European Union regarding the shaping of security and stability in the region.

The Greek foreign minister also focused on the issue of immigration flows, noting that it is an issue which does not concern only the countries of the Mediterranean, such as Greece, but all of Europe and for this reason it must be handled by the European Union collectively.

He also stressed that Greece is a reliable partner for both NATO and the EU and reminded the country's contribution to the transfer of foreign nationals from Libya, pointing out that we proved our solidarity in practice.

Opening the sessions, Parliament President Philippos Petsalnikos stressed Greece's role as a stabilising factor.