Coalition of the Left (SYN) President Alexis Tsipras on Wednesday questioned outright the premier’s position according to which, the policy followed, as regards the memorandum, is "patriotic" because it is aimed at salvaging the country. He also accused PM George Papandreou and his government of “having degraded the meaning of negotiation”.

Tsipras made the comments in a press conference ahead of an international conference on the economy organized by SYN on March 10-12.

Tsipras, who is also the head of the Radical Left Coalition (SYRIZA) Parliamentary group, expressed pessimism in view of the EU decisions. He called for a referendum on the new European treaty to be adopted in the March 25 EU Summit meeting and questioned the government’s legitimacy to impose such decisions on the people.

Responding to a relevant question, Tsipras stressed that he was in favour of snap elections, expressed deep regret for the shooting deaths of two police officers and rejected the likelihood of a NATO intervention in Libya.