The government is not discussing restructure of the Greek debt, spokesman George Petalotis reiterated on Wednesday, clarifying that it is only negotiating extension of the EU-IMF support loan repayment period and reduction of the interest.

He said that the Greek government is going to the upcoming eurozone and EU summits with specific positions and was present at all levels of the negotiations taking place in Europe, stressing that "at this time we are at a very satisfactory level of credibility" and "consequently we are dealing with strict adherence to the program".

Asked to comment on a reported comment by ruling PASOK MP T. Antonakopulos for a "government of a national nature under (prime minister) George Papandreou), Petalotis stressed that "a government exists, with a program and a plan", adding that "we are trying to meet our targets within the fluidity we are facing at European and international level".

The spokesman noted that every MP has the right to his own opinion on the political situation, but added that "there is no need for a government of a different nature", stressing that "we are a government which the people have entrusted to govern, and that is what we are doing".

On finance minister George Papaconstantinou's meetings throughout Wednesday with representatives of a handful of political parties in the context of a dialogue on drafting the country's Medium-Term Fiscal Strategy Plan for 2012-2015, Petalotis said the move was in materialisation of the government's and prime minister's position of national understanding, especially with regard to the medium-term strategic plan which "exceeds the current governmental term in office".

Papaconstantinou met with representatives of the Democratic Left and Democratic Alliance parties and was due to meet in the afternoon with representatives of the Popular Orthodox Rally (LAOS), while main opposition New Democracy (ND), the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) and the Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA parliamentary alliance) have turned down the finance minister's invitation to dialogue on the fiscal strategy plan.

"It was and is our obligation to see how the country can stand beyond the next 1-2 years, which was not the case up to now," Petalotis said, adding that "some realise this obligation and are taking part in the dialogue for national understanding, while others don't".