The PASOK party’s Political Council convened on Wednesday and during the session the organ’s members were briefed by the Finance, Regional Develoment and Competitiveness ministers and by Alternate Foreign Minister Mariliza Xenoyiannako-poulou on developments in Europe and North Africa.

The session was chaired, since Prime Minister George Papandreou was unwell, by National Council secretary Mihalis Karhimakis and focused on issues concerning party functioning, as well as planning for PASOK’s National Conference on September 3, 2011.

Addressing the session, Karhimakis attacked the main opposition New Democracy (ND) party.

Karhimakis stressed that ND “is behaving as if it is counting on the failure of the country’s effort, instead of realising its great responsibilities for the present situation." Instead of this, as he said, the main opposition party is trying to obtain political benefits from the government’s difficult options.

The ruling party’s secretary also referred to the parties of the left, saying that “the revolutionary disobedience exercises have a heavy cost for the citizens and the country.” He mentioned that in the effort it is making for the country’s salvation, the government does not have the assistance of the parties,on the contrary the opposition parties are behaving like rivals.