The Patras port authority said Thursday it is investigating a migrant-trafficking and contraband cigarette smuggling ring in which a police officer and port official are implicated.

It said the 44-year-old police officer and 39-year-old port official have been arrested, while a Sworn Administrative Inquiry (EDE) has also been ordered.

The investigation began after port authorities, acting on a tip-off, located in the port of Patras a truck in which migrants and contraband cigarettes were hidden as it was preparing to board a ferry to Italy.

Five migrants were found hidden among crates of oranges, as well as 266,800 cartons of contraband cigarettes and a pistol.

The two detainees are charged with complicity in the transport of the migrants and contraband cigarettes.

Contraband cigarettes seized

A total of 124,500 packs of contraband cigarettes found in a truck were seized at the intersection of ancient Corinth in southern Greece. The 42-year-old driver of the vehicle was arrested, it was announced on Thursday.

Police searched the vehicle following a tip-off.