The number of unemployed people registered with the Workforce Employment Organisation (OAED) grew 5.51 pct in January from the previous month to reach 689,558, of which 295,529 were men (42.86 pct) and 394,029 women (57.14 pct).

OAED in a monthly report said new hirings were 16.71 pct lower while lay-offs rose 7.06 pct and the number of people taking unemployment benefits fell 7.06 pct. The 30-54 age group topped the group of registered unemployed with a 62.31 pct share, followed by the age group below 30 (28.29 pct) and the over 55 age group (9.40 pct).

OAED announced five new programs aimed at boosting employment and putting a break on rising unemployment in the country. The programs will be implemented this year and will cover around 100,000 workers, or unemployed people. These programs envisage the subsidizing of job positions, extending the operation of tourism enterprises, supporting young scientists and supporting special categories of the population.