“The Greek government has made it clear that bankruptcy was not an option,” Caroline Atkinson, head of Foreign Relations at the International Monetary Fund said on Thursday. Speaking to reporters, the IMF official also stressed that Greece has reassured there will be not debt restructuring.

Atkinson said dealing with a difficult fiscal situation and public debt facing the Greek economy last spring focused on two pylons: reforms to deregulate the economy and create the best environment possible for economic growth and to create jobs, as well as to improve public finances.

Atkinson sounded optimistic over the course of the memorandum saying the IMF expected the programme to succeed.

She noted there different approaches to success and underlined it was a difficult programme, but added that the Greek government has fully pledged for its implementation. She also expressed her confidence that the European Union and the Eurozone will deal effectively with a debt problem.

Atkinson said the IMF maintained a very close and strong relation with the Greek government and respected the policies followed and determining the best way possible to dealing with the crisis.