Government spokesman George Petalotis on Friday strenuously denied that the government is planning to privatise the ANA-MPA. Replying to a question by main opposition New Democracy MP Simos Kedikoglou in Parliament, Petalotis ruled out the prospect of privatisation for the national news agency and stressed that it was an "excellent instrument with national targets".

As deputy minister to the prime minister, the ANA-MPA is considered to fall within the government spokesman's responsibility.

"The ANA-MPA is not going to be privatised. Let us not start witch-hunts and let us not transfer to Parliament rumours that have absolutely no relation with reality. The national news agency will be supported in order to play its role. It will not, however, become an agency permanently subsidised by the state, without its own revenues and without making use of its own strength," Petalotis said.

He invited Kedikoglou and other party representatives to attend a meeting that will take place with the management and staff of the ANA-MPA next week in order to outline the government's positions and find solutions "so that the ANA-MPA can carry out the national and contemporary role of a national press agency."