Foreign Minister Dimitris Droutsas on Friday briefed EU member-states ambassadors on a range of foreign policy issues of interest to Greece at a dinner given at the embassy of Hungary, which currently holds the rotating EU presidency.

Droutsas outlined Greece's policy in Libya and on the anticipated migration wave from north African countries, which the Greek side has presented in a European dimension since the turmoil in the region erupted.

He also outlined a proposal for a 'Democracy Centre' based in Greece to help these countries reshape their societies on more democratic lines and build democratic institutions. He emphasised the positive aspects of the crisis in the region, stressing that this had to be turned into an opportunity.

Presenting Greece's position for its surrounding region on a European level, he said Athens supported a new partnership agreement and a neighbourhood policy between the EU and the south, which would make use of EU legal instruments for the political, economic and social support of Arab peoples seeking a better future.

Droutsas also referred to the prospects of EU enlargement in southeast Europe through Athens' 'Agenda 2014' initiative, relations with Turkey and the latest developments in the Cyprus issue and the economic crisis in Greece in light of the EU summit on March 25 and a meeting of Eurozone countries on March 11.