Party of European Socialists (PES) president Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, speaking during the inauguration of the summit of European socialist party leaders over the weekend said "it is now time for the markets to respect democratic power, to become the servants of a real productive economy, profiteers must stop gaining through the economic crisis," adding that "for this reason we are uniting to schedule a new campaign to inform European citizens."

Rasmussen further said that "we want the markets to contribute to an economy of growth, we want the new fiscal transactions tax to finance growth and the creation of new jobs."

The PES president also said that during Friday's meeting of the PES leaders it was stressed that through solidarity Greece and Ireland must be supported, underlining that "we shall never allow, peoples and countries facing difficulties at this moment to be left alone."

Rasmussen went on to say that the situation in the Balkans and Africa is being discussed at the present summit and that the PES leaders' mood is that "we have a common responsibility for the future both in Africa and the Balkans" and that "it is something that is happening not outside but inside our home."