A proclamation by the Party of European Socialists (PES) was adopted during its leaders' summit in Athens on Saturday and is titled "Europe is in the wrong hands."

The proclamation's explanatory subtitle is "our alternative proposal in a Conservative Europe: strategy for employment, growth and social progress and in the text's opening paragraph the European socialists stress the crucial nature of the conjuncture in which Europe is finding itself and criticised the European Conservatives for sacrificing the fundamental European principles, of solidarity and a common destiny, placing countries and citizens in a state of competition between them.

The European socialists criticise the Conservatives for their proposals that are based on their desire to legislate austerity and demolish social models and social security systems.

"Despite the indications of the past 30 months, the aim continues to be the same: The ordinary people to pay for the failure of markets. Europe is in the wrong hands," the European socialists' proclamation stressed.